Laminate floors are an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to real wood flooring surfaces, and are installed everywhere at HT Sanitary Ware. It is not only attractive but also available in different colors and varieties. It’s also stain-resistant than the tile floor, making it the perfect choice for stores with heavy traffic.

Laminate flooring surfaces are created with four layers (an underside, fiberboard core, decorative aspect and stand layer) which result in one extremely heavy surface. Unlike real wood, laminate floors rarely comprise of any wood. Instead, it consists of melamine and fiberboard, which makes it extremely durable and they indicate a stronger, comfortable product. So what’s the best way to learn how to clean laminate floors you ask? We have the answer below.

LamanatorPlus is very effective in cleaning floors and it keeps the floor spotless. Below is the most effective LamanatorPlus how to guide.

1. Vacuum the floor to ensure that they are free of dirt and dust.

2. Spray the fresh start cleaner on the dry floor and spread evenlydirty_hallway

3. Allow it to stay for a few minutes then toss with a scrub mop

4. Rinse the floor thoroughly

5. Spray or moisturize the floor with the LamanatorPlus restore

6. Spread it all over the room with a mop and leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes

7. Apply a second coating and allow it to dry for like an hour, and the floor will be good for use.

LamanatorPlus makes learning how to clean laminate floors very easy since it helps clean, protects, and leaves a sparkling finish hence improving the appearance. It is effective in eliminating problems caused by water damage, marks brought about by scratching.

By following the above process, you will not be disappointed as your floor will always be clean an attractive!

What are the dos and don’ ts of cleaning your floors?

• It is advisable not to use mops that are spongy since they use a lot of water and too much water will sink into the cracks.

• The mop should not be soaked but rather moistened.

• Never polish or wax the laminate.

• Any product that has chemicals and promotes a clean shine should not be used on your floor.

• Bleach and aggressive cleaners should never be used for cleaning the floors.

• Use the correct detergent to remove the stains and refrain from using steel wool to scratch the floor.

• Wipe the floor immediately with a dry cloth incase of any water spillage.

• Place a mat on the entrances to collect trapped -in dirt and absorb excess moisture.